Friday, February 1, 2013

CD Review: Mop Mop's 'Isle of Magic'

Mop Mop
Isle of Magic
Agogo Records

Mop Mop is Andrea Benini, Anthony Joseph, and Fred Wesley on the new album, Isle of Magic. The music was recorded in Germany and Italy, but it retains a global element of free jazz, fusion, funk, Latin, and new age music with Caribbean tones, as well as American electronica. The music is largely instrumental with some poetic, spoken words. The scintillating steel drum and fluid grooves are highly-infectious. There are danceable tracks and tracks to space out to. The eclectic and exotic rhythms are fresh and highlighted by the likes of Trinidad-born poet and singer Anthony Joseph, funk legend Fred Wesley, and the lovely, Finnish-Egyptian vocalist, Sara Sayed. There are a variety of flutes, sax, percussion, and vibraphone vibes that make the album shine with global flavor. This is great world jazz, funk, fusion, and dance music with an analog slice of heaven. ~ Matthew Forss

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