Friday, February 1, 2013

CD Review: David Newman & Krishna Venkatesh's 'Re-Bliss: Stars Revisited'

David Newman & Krishna Venkatesh
Re-Bliss: Stars Revisited
White Swan Records

David Newman, also known as Durga Das, is a talented kirtan chant artist from Philadelphia. Krishna Venkatesh is a New York-based composer, producer, yoga teacher, and former electronic band member for Think Tree. Relying on a mix of funk, jazz, and eclectic electronic music that is driven by the soul and an inner bliss, Krishna adds a variety of groovy textures to the new album. David adds vocals, guitars, keyboards, and percussion. The eight long tracks are inspirational, relaxing, and meditative with a steady melody and trip-hop/jazz-inspired embellishments. The contemporary compositions combine a bit of dance grooves, electronic music, and blissful adventures that are catchy and void of faults. The duo showcase what really can be done when two blissful hearts come together and play music with a deeply meditative groove. Now is the time to bliss yourself. ~ Matthew Forss

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