Friday, February 22, 2013

CD Review: Koby Israelite's 'Blues From Elsewhere'

Koby Israelite
Blues From Elsewhere
Asphalt Tango Records

The bluesy side of world music is eloquently captured on accordion, percussion, and melodies straight out of the Balkan region. There is a heavy dose of rock instrumentals, too. The Israel-born Koby does not feel discouraged about mixing different genres of music to create a pumped-up Balkan rock sound with a hint of Ladino or Klezmer punk-funk. Whatever it is called, the music speaks volumes--especially when turned up! At any rate, the music is steeped in rock-driven folk music with an element of Balkan passion thrown in for flavoring. There are some more solemn moments, but the album as a whole is energetic, upbeat, and driven by multinational charm. Everyone will notice the music contains an edge. The sixteen tracks represent Koby's ideal perception of what blues music should be--wherever it is found. ~ Matthew Forss

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