Wednesday, December 10, 2014

CD Review: Artem Uzunov's 'Let's Do It - Darbuka Stories'

Artem Uzunov
Let's Do It - Darbuka Stories
Sketis Music

This is a percussionist's dream. Artem Uzunov brings out the best of percussion utilizing a host of instruments in his repertoire, including the darbuka, dhol, cajon, dohola, bendir, riq, sagats, duduk, brazilian percussion, and guitar. There are twenty-one tracks with heart-pounding, bellydance-moving, and toe-tapping compositions that are primarily instrumental with only a few indiscriminate vocals thrown in. Each song is typically three to four-minutes long. The combination of darbuka and assorted instruments provides a more complex and deep rhythm section that is never boring or dull.  Some tunes are more involved musically than others, but that doesn't make the others less important. Fans of darbuka percussion, Arabic music, Middle Eastern music, and instrumental tunes will love Artem Uzunov's latest release. ~ Matthew Forss

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