Wednesday, December 10, 2014

CD Review: Algambra's Self-Titled Release

Sketis Music

Algambra is a Russian music group with a knack for improvisational and instrumental styles that incorporate South Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and contemporary forms of fusion in one exciting package. The primary instrument is the hang, which is a metallic idiophone in the shape of a UFO that is played with hands and it is an instrument that was invented only fifteen years ago in Switzerland. The hang sounds are multi-faceted and sound similar to the udu, ghatam, and steel pan instruments. The sounds are fluid and softer than a steel pan, but a great accompaniment for the other instruments on the album, including the harp, cello, caisa, guitar, and assorted percussion. The album is mostly instrumental; except for "Made In India." The music is sparkling, bubbling, and entrancing with new age, improvisational, and avant-garde arrangements that are very likable and a welcome addition to and world music percussion collection. If anything, buy it for the hang. ~ Matthew Forss

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