Wednesday, December 17, 2014

CD Review: Fractal Control's 'Disconnection Equals Freedom'

Fractal Control
Disconnection Equals Freedom

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Fractal Control is Mike Louttit's new release of instrumental rock/metal, surf psych, and avant-garde stylings that are somewhat futuristic, but never dull. The Ohio-native wrestles with technological advances leaving real humanity in a social quandary. Regardless of the message, the mostly instrumental release contains seven thought-provoking tunes. The piano-driven, "Already Ourselves," is an instrumental ode to humanity that contains brief atmospheric washes and an artificial intelligence voice that describes an introspective analysis of life. "Awakened And Aware" opens with a mind-numbing, instrumental guitar, bass and drum composition with metal aspects abounding. The instrumental tune contains glittering guitar work, punchy melodies, and a driving rhythm that is full of aggression. "Retrace" contains a drowned-out guitar or bass solo that is very improvisational or avant-garde. It does not contain any other instrumentation. It sheds the metal characteristics of other songs and it is relatively short at only one-and-a-half-minutes.  "Hidden Truth" begins with a psych, surf rock instrumental that goes into a finger-frenzied, guitar experience that is rich with sparkling guitar notes in true rock fashion. There are robotic, spoken words near the end of the song. Overall, Fractal Control does a great job awakening the human spirit with Disconnection Equals Freedom. The music is great for fans of instrumental rock, experimental, new age, improvisational, and contemporary ambient sounds. 5 Stars (out of 5). ~ Matthew Forss

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