Wednesday, December 3, 2014

CD Review: Violette's 'Falling Strong'

Falling Strong

A native, French chanteuse, Violette brings together warm song of incredible complexity and life with swirling piano melodies and somewhat bluesy, pop song creations on her latest release, Falling Strong. Now based in Brooklyn, Violette does not stray too far from her French song origins. There are classical, jazz, pop, rock, and folk elements throughout. Each song is catchy and beautifully-executed with vocals as sweet as sugar and melodies as fluid as a babbling brook. With vocals akin to Michelle Branch and Norah Jones, Violette knows how to evoke images of love, happiness, and hope with lyrical stories. Fans of piano, pop, rock, ballads, and a few French-lyric songs will love Violette's latest offering. The album is so good it should be 'falling' up the charts! ~ Matthew Forss

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