Wednesday, December 10, 2014

CD Review: Ali Khattab's 'Sin Pais'

Ali Khattab
Sin Pais
Nesma Music

Egyptian composer, vocalist and guitarist, Ali Khattab, brings us a rousing mix of world fusion imbibed with an African, Arabic, and Andalusian presence. The flamenco-type melodies and instrumentation are mostly instrumental throughout, but Ali adds some vocals. There are Arabic forms, tangos, rumba, Sufi trance, and other indistinct musical qualities that add a blend of intense rhythms and contemplative tones. The music is created with the oud, violin, flute, double bass, duff, darbuca, palmas, req, and cajon. The most important aspect of the album is the origins of the music are multi-factoral and heavily influenced by various world music traditions. However, the music tends to flow very well without sounding disorderly or out-of-place. Ali succeeds with Sin Pais without any complaints here. ~ Matthew Forss

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