Wednesday, December 3, 2014

CD Review: Therianthrope's Self-Titled Release

Avaaz Records

They call it Indian surf music, which is an appropriate term after a few short listens to the new album, Therianthrope. The music is produced by a talented world music fusion quintet based in the San Diego area. The group plays guitars, tabla, and assorted percussion. The music flows effortlessly through sound and ocean waves with such ease and melancholy that every song is unforgettable. The instrumental tunes are soft and supple and frenzied in other parts. However, the result is the same: every song is amazing. The songs are even imaginatively-titled, including "Eight-Dollar Watermelon," "Wolfman Vs. You," "Canary In A Bitcoin Mine," "Am I A Merman," and "Unicorn Tranquilizer." The songs are not psychedelic with electronic embellishments and endless dance beats. Instead, the instrumentation is rather clear, dreamy, rhythmic, and fusion-inspired with a good degree of improvisational qualities. Everyone should like this one. ~ Matthew Forss

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