Tuesday, March 24, 2009

CD Review: Warsaw Village Band

Warsaw Village Band
Barbes Records

The Warsaw Village Band's musical creativity transcend generations and culture with their fourth studio album, Infinity. Hailing from Poland, the band performs innovative music steeped in cultural authenticity. Of course, snappy string tunes and toe-tapping waltzes are staples in their repertoire. Their is a relatively good balance of instrumental and vocal tracks. Interestingly, some of the compositions resemble the music of Finland's Varttina. A nice addition to the liner notes includes song meanings and performers. This music is great for contemporary Polish fans looking for something that does not completely avoid the historical moorings of early Polish music. There are hints of African and Blues elements, which represent a seemingly pan-global mixture of sounds that remain uniquely Polish. Infinity is an album of nearly one hour of music that should get your heart racing and feet in motion. ~ Matthew Forss

Monday, March 9, 2009

NEW!!! Stay Tuned For New Reviews -- Downtempo/Trip-Hop

The world of electronica remains a dominant genre of unique sounds and dynamic rhythms to sooth one's soul, or suit one's desires in almost any capacity. In that regard, I will be bringing a mix of classic and new reviews of downtempo (downbeat) and trip-hop albums of special note for cross-genre fans in world music.

Matthew Forss