Thursday, March 24, 2016

Single Review: Rene Lopez' "Restless"

Rene Lopez
Song: Restless

New York-based, Nuyorican musician, Rene Lopez, turns heads and gets feet movin' with the smooth, electro-latin-soul song, "Restless". Rene is a talented songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer that has explored an intimate palette of aural magnificence originating from his passionate vocals, tropically-tinged songs, and an ever-present, contemporary or urban presence. The song begins with a steady, synth melody, clap-like percussion, soaring strings, and background vocals with a gospel edge. There is an uplifting element of the song near the end of the song with louder vocals and more background accompaniment. In fact, Rene's vocals at the end of the song resemble Bruce Springsteen. However, the song is not a rock anthem, nor a hip hop party track. Instead, the song is a trip hop, lounge standard with classy vocals and a steady, yet creative beat. Fans of Craig Armstrong's earlier works will find similarities here. At any rate, everyone should check out "Restless" by Rene Lopez. 5 Stars (out of 5) ~ Matthew Forss