Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CD Review: Meghan Cary's "Building This House''

Meghan Cary
Building This House

Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter, Meghan Cary, is a beacon of light in the world of female folk music. Building This House, which may seem like a nod to Shawn Colvin's These Four Walls, is vocally-similar to the likes of Stevie Nicks and Shawn Colvin. Domesticity references aside, Meghan produces an album that results from a culmination of life experiences--notably marriage, children, and home ownership. The Nicks-esque title track contains a peppy, folk melody with reverberating B-3 sounds, vocal interplay, and punchy bass lines. "Lost You In The Light" is a jazzy tune with piano and effervescent vocals resembling a classy, lounge song with pop standard written all over it. "Thursdays" is a folk tune with sparkling acoustic guitar sounds and Meghan's soulful voice from an angelic source. Moreover, the song can be played everyday of the week--not just on Thursdays. "Responsibility" is a bluesy tune that contains piano, percussion, and folksy guitar styles. This is a Colvin-esque tune. "Darker Song" opens with metallic percussion and deep, piano sounds with haunting vocals that are a departure from other tracks. Nevertheless, the song's Nicks-esque vocals are a throwback to classic folk music from the 1970s. The final track, "Live!," is an upbeat, folk tune with B-3 and good 'ol bluegrass/gospel charm. If female music fans add this one to their collections, then their house would be complete. ~ Matthew Forss 

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