Thursday, January 19, 2012

CD Review: Trio Bravo's Self-Titled Release From Germany

Trio Bravo
Trio Bravo
Ozella Music

Though a Trio, there are several musicians on this exciting recording from Germany. The instrumental album contains cross-genre music incorporating North and South American, European, and Asian influences. Some instruments utilized include violin, piano, double bass, drums, marimba, cello, kontrabass, and assorted percussion. The fluid piano playing and spritely strings combine perfectly with the other instruments. Many of the songs are easy to imagine on a soundtrack. The gitty and jazzy "Wiener Wuerstchen" is a downtempo gem with violin work and folkish melodies. The klezmer-esque tunes are appropriately-matched with the upbeat strings and Eurocentric leanings. Nineteen tracks take on many characteristics of the classical and fusion worlds. Keep in mind the music is not amped up with guitars or keyboards, which is fine for a recording of this sort. The entire album can be summed up in one word: ausgezeichnet! ~ Matthew Forss

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