Thursday, January 19, 2012

CD Review: Roger Matura's 'World Gone Wrong'

Roger Matura
World Gone Wrong
Ozella Music

Nearly an hour of music sets the stage for a wonderful folk album of inner peace and outer joy. World Gone Wrong is a wry, witty, and charismatic recording of folk music with hints of harmonica, piano, sax, flugelhorn, violin, bandoneon, and assorted percussion. Roger's raspy voice is Dylan-esque, but more defined. Roger's German upbringing shines through the tracks, but the music is in English and some of the melodies resemble folk tunes from the streets of Paris or Dublin. The twenty-two songs represent a host of emotions, relationships, and thoughts that culminate into a broad-scoped recording of intelligent writing and evocative delivery. Roger's seemingly reserved vocal range appropriately matches the bluesy, folksy, and jazzy rhythms. Fans of singer/songwriter music will love Roger's new work. ~ Matthew Forss

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