Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CD Review: Vintage Blue's 'Strike The Mics'

Vintage Blue
Strike The Mics

The Chicago-based band, Vintage Blue, was formerly known as Tanglewood. Now the name is shed, but the tunes are better than ever. The ska-influenced, "Set You Free," is a mix of roots and rock music with luscious vocals and reverberating sax. The more rock-driven "Unchained" is partly influenced by Creed, but on a much lighter, vocal scale. The wailing guitars are not too loud or unnecessary. The folksy, ballad, "California Road," contains a good folk rock beat with reverberating B-3 and the horns give the song a little retro-class. "Sleep On This" is strikingly-similar (at least vocally and structurally) to circa-2000 Ed Kowalczyk from the band, Live. The folksy-rock ballad contains backup vocals, horns, and B-3 charisma. The Southern-rock-style piece, "Here To Stay," is a post-grunge anthem with vocals and guitar arrangements reminiscent of Stroke 9. "Against Time" is another song seemingly inspired by Stroke 9. The opening lines of "Just Breathe" beckons the spirit of the band Filter. The most divergent song is the classical, ballad-esque, "Great Divide." Throughout, Vintage Blue delves into various rock, ska, pop, and ballad-driven hooks with intelligent lyrics and classy grooves. Anyone interested in folk-rock, roots, post-grunge, and classy music with style and swagger, than look no further. ~ Matthew Forss       

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Vintage Blue Music said...

Matthew ... killer review! Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to our music. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself, although our keyboardist's girlfriend is worried she might have to fight you off ... ha ha. Thanks again.