Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CD Review: Haikaa's "Work Of Art"

Work Of Art

Haikaa's Brazilian, Japanese, and American upbringing is multicultural, but the music is pure gold. Haikaa's English lyrics and upbeat, pop/rock beats contain a bit of Celtic, European, and J-pop melodies that are catchy and very high quality.  Haikaa's vocal clarity of an angel resembles Orla Fallon, Nina Gordon, and Trish Murphy. The title track includes a pop-focused percussion, heavenly vocals, and light guitar accompaniment. The slower "Everything I Know About Love," contains a little dobro twang with the vocal likeness of The Corrs, amidst a more expansive musical arrangement. The music borders on a bit of Canadian Inuit pop, too. Specifically, the music of Susan Aglukark comes to mind. "Call Me By My Name" features Haikaa's young-sounding vocals in a catchy, vocally-driven track with a march-like percussion set-up. "Happy" is a nice tune with alternative guitar format with the charisma of Michelle Branch or Trish Murphy. The nine tracks contain sweet melodies, catchy rhythms, and guitar-pop foundations that surpass anything previously-released by comparable musicians. In short, Work Of Art is a work of great artistic achievement.   

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