Tuesday, June 17, 2014

CD Review: Matty Ride's Self-Titled Release

Matty Ride
Matty Ride

Nashville-based and R&B-soul-inspired, Matty Ride gives us a danceable and pop-focused medley of songs on his five-track, self-titled release. "The First Day Of Summer" features danceable grooves by way of punchy keyboards, blurby electronics, and urban, hip-hop beats (thanks to Fyutch) that take on a 1980s and 90s dance vein with male and female vocals. The song contains a video release that visually depicts travel scenes in Nashville, Las Vegas, and even space with a magical DeLorean. There are pool scenes, bicycle-riding, and dancing in front of graffiti-laced walls and other cityscapes. There is a fun element to the song that mimics internal excitement when the first day of summer - or warmer weather - arrives. "That Girl" is a swishy, urban soul song with a poppy element that is danceable with a youthful, almost reggae-like dance beat. The vocals are akin to Maroon 5. "All Over Again" is a punchy, electronic tune with an urban flair and a slight Brit-pop dance infusion. "Come On And Dance" opens with a blurby, funky, and fluid dance tune that is more than one-dimensional in all aspects. "Hold Me Closer" is a slower tune with swishy percussion that is jazzy and ballad-esque. The keyboard's piano affects are emotive and poignant. The atmospheric washes and string arrangements suggest a heartfelt overtone. There is a good amount of variation throughout the album; despite the short running length. At any rate, Matty Ride knows how to create sensible, intelligent, and fun tunes with a dance beat and electronic backbone. ~ Matthew Forss

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Thanks Matthew for the shout out on my new EP! I appreciate your review much my man :) Keep on