Tuesday, June 3, 2014

CD Review: Sondorgo's 'Tamburocket'

Riverboat Records

Hungary's Sondorgo plays Hungarian folk music with a Turkish, Slavic, and Balkan influence. The music is steeped in Gypsy horns, folksy strings, and great plucking. The plucked instruments featured on Tamburocket are various tamburas. The mandolin-like sounds of the tambura create a folksy rhythm and bright, cheery sound. Other instruments include flute, darbuka, clarinet, sax, kaval, and tapan. There are some vocals throughout, but the primary attribute of this recording is in the instrumentals. There are folk dance tunes, trance-like tracks, and effervescent instrumentals with great deliveries. Sondorgo's Tamburocket is a celebration of the music from Hungary with influences extending beyond the borders of the country. Fans of Hungarian folk, world music, European music, and Balkan jazz will love Sondorgo. ~ Matthew Forss

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