Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Digital Music Review: Broken Quote's 'Foreshadowing Sunlight'

Broken Quote
Foreshadowing Sunlight EP

Houston, TX-based and cosmically-driven, Broken Quote (AKA David Schrier), infiltrates the downtempo world with an experimental, electro-acoustic, and trip-hop recording of aural delight. The swishy electronics, sparkling tones, eerie sounds, and cosmic array of noises make all of the songs stand out. The instrumental, electro-funk and rock tune, "Glass Ceiling," contains an effervescent mix of downtempo chills, intergalactic noises, and radiant keyboard tones that are equally happy in a dance club or outer space. "Sparks Water The Seeds" is nothing more than a solo steel pan medley that is slow and meditative, but definitely appropriate for the rest of the album. "Mispronounce" is another slower tune, but it is more of an electro-acoustic song that includes David's whisper-like vocalizations ideal for trip-hop or downtempo music. "Late Night Ocean" includes electronic blips, industrial noises, and atmospheric washes with a trip-hop percussion sequence and sparkling noises with steel pan, keyboard, and laser-like electronica for a truly intergalactic ride. "Ghost Crowd" is a vocal tune with deep bass sounds, electronica embellishments, and a pensive beat that is entrancing and delicious. All in all, David produces a fine release that is a little bit over twenty-minutes. The album is only a download release at this time. It is highly recommended for trip-hop and downtempo fans. ~ Matthew Forss

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