Friday, June 27, 2014

CD Review: Cascada de Flores' 'Radio Flor'

Cascada de Flores
Radio Flor
Ita Music

The California-based group, Cascada de Flores, takes listeners back to the era of the 1930's with more vocal-centered songs with folksy, Latin-esque percussion on Radio Flor. There are eighteen tracks that bring poetic boleros and romantic ballads with light instrumentation and percussion that produces a sense of nostalgia. It is easy to forget the songs are composed in modern times, but that is part of the mystique with classic, Latin tunes. The music incorporates Latin American, South American, Caribbean, and Afro-Latin leanings. The swaying rhythms of "La Gloria Eres Tu" combines a trumpet, light percussion, and heartfelt vocals amid a slow, jazzy beat. "Jardinero de Amor" picks up the pace with uptempo percussion and a leading female vocal line that is accompanied by a fiery guitar segment that enriches the song with elements of flamenco delight. "Maria Cristina" is a lush, percussion track with vibrant vocals and instrumentation that will blow away even the most discriminating of listeners. Overall, Radio Flor is an album that should graced the shelves of anyone interested in Latin music with a historical edge. ~ Matthew Forss

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