Tuesday, June 24, 2014

CD Review: Case On Bass' 'Bass Tones #1'

Case On Bass
Bass Tones #1

Case On Bass is an avant-garde group that utilizes an electric bass guitar with some pedal effects on their first release, Bass Tones #1, in this series. The album is completely instrumental without any vocalizations or additional instruments. There are twenty-six tracks on the album, which are all relatively short around one minute each. The reason behind the shorter tracks, stems from the creative process and philosophy of simplifying the tunes to reduce redundancy one commonly finds in other music. The experimental approach works with contemplative and relaxing tunes that inspire one's mind to probe deeper in bass-dom. "Sense Of Purpose" is a gritty, bass-line that reverberates with a Southern, blues-rock vein; only for a minute. "Tripping" is more fluid and bubbly in a polished, intergalactic way. "Noble Procession" is more of a distant bass sound with a primitive feel and avant-garde flair. "Nurture" is a sub-minute tune with a lullaby-like presence in a soft and subtle delivery characteristic of a type of fluid thumb piano, but in the end, it's only a bass. The last song, "Tone Poem," is the longest at nearly six minutes. The song contains pedal effects that reverberate the bass into bright echelons of musical bliss. The bass tones flutter with experimental beauty and a spacey ambiance. Anyone interested in avant-garde, instrumental, ambient, experimental, and bass guitar music should check out Bass Tones #1. 5 Stars (out of 5). ~ Matthew Forss  

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Unknown said...

yeah it's a good album. a good "zone out" type album