Monday, January 19, 2009

CD Review: A New Era With 'Obama'

Fula Flute
Mansa America
Mulatta/Completely Nuts

A spirited release from the land of Guinea, Mansa America showcases the music of the most popular ethnic group in Guinea: the Fula. In the same manner, the popular traditional instrument of choice is the tambin, which is a diatonic flute. Though, it's presence is widespread from West Africa to Sudan. A mix of vocal and instrumental arrangements includes a variety of instruments including, kora, guitar, congas, balafon, bass, ngoni, trumpet, trombone, and French horn. The opening track, 'Obama', is a fitting dedication to the new president of the United States of America. Each track is delicately arranged and beautifully executed. The instrumentation mix is varied and rich. If you are looking for a fun release of music to bring in the New Year and celebrate the inauguration of Barack Obama, then let Mansa America be the soundtrack for 2009! ~ Matthew Forss

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