Wednesday, July 13, 2011

CD Review: Yogeswaran Manickam's 'Peace For Paradise'

Peace For Paradise

The Sri Lankan-born, U.K.-based musician incorporates peaceful melodies and Indian classicism with historical, poetic works and a modern instrument repertoire. A mix of Tamil and English lyric songs include the sitar, darabuka, oud, accordion, guitar, violin, flute, and various percussion and keyboard arrangements. The contemporary feel of the music is a result of the catchy harmonies and melodies melding perfectly with the historical roots and Tamil musicianship. As a film composer, Yoga M. has gained exposure creating pop, dance, new age, and global rhythms that sound majestic and infectious. The ten songs represent a solid mix of talented musicians, instruments, and contemporary arrangements without the typical raga or snake charmer stereotype designations. In particular, the music is fresh, emotive, and a blessing to listen to. Anyone with an interest in Indian/South Asian global musicians should definitely check it out. The most comparable group could be a fictional meeting of Tulku and Trilok Gurtu. Astounding! ~ Matthew Forss

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