Thursday, May 24, 2012

CD Review: The Alaev Family & Tamir Muskat'' Self-Titled Release From Tajikistan/Israel

The Alaev Family & Tamir Muskat
The Alaev Family & Tamir Muskat

The modern folk music of the Israel-based group, The Alaev Family & Tamir Muskat, stems from their original homeland of Tajikistan. The Central Asian melodies and percussion combine with the Klezmer and Balkan string style of other groups to create a heady mixture of steamy, swirling melodies ripe with energy and vitality. Tamir Muskat, of Balken Beat Box fame, lends his programming, drumming, and assorted percussion skills to the project. The Alaev Family plays the doyra, accordion, percussion, clarinet, darbuka, cajon, kanun, and violin. In addition, The Alaev's are a strong vocal family. The vocals are steeped in Central Asian history and provide a sense of adventure and vivacity that is unmatched from similar groups in the region. Anyone interested in Jewish, Klezmer, Tajiki, folk, and Central Asian or Balkan music will love The Alaev Family & Tamir Muskat. ~ Matthew Forss

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