Thursday, May 3, 2012

CD Review: Kottarashky and The Rain Dogs' 'Demoni'

Kottarashky and The Raindogs
Asphalt-Tango Records

The sounds of Bulgaria come alive via the streets of Sofia. The minimalist, electronic set-up is rich with Balkan grooves and beats. The unmistakable clarinet of Aleksandar Dobrev, drums by Atanas Popov, bass by Yordan Geshakov, and guitars/synthesizers by Hristo Hadzhiganchev round out the instrumental repertoire. However, Balkan music would not be complete without some vocals and Kottarashky and The Raindogs does not fail. Tui Mamaki, from The Mamaku Project, provides vocals and/or lyrics on "Begemot," "Doctore," "Slavyanka Blues," "Trans 5," "Babo," "Demoni," and "Put A Blessing On." Of course, there is a nice dose of Balkan funk and speed blues. Fans of Balkan music that like a good balance between electronic and folk elements will love the modern musings of Kottarashky and The Rain Dogs. ~ Matthew Forss 

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