Thursday, May 24, 2012

CD Review: Imani Uzuri's 'The Gypsy Diaries'

Imani Uzuri
The Gypsy Diaries

The opening sitar sounds on the first track, 'Beautiful,' followed by the bluesy, gospel vocals of Imani Uzuri, offers a glimmer of what brilliant--and varied--delicacies are found on The Gypsy Diaries. The multi-influential work encompasses Indian, blues, gospel, Afro-pop, Eastern European, and East Asian elements that bring a sense of class, soul, and dignity to the world of music. The diverse vocals match the diverse instrumentation. The English vocals are a little lower in tone than Zero 7's earlier work. Still, the album features a good mix of melodies, instruments, rhythms, and Afro-pop magnificence for audiences of all ages and locations. This is world music at its best! ~ Matthew Forss

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