Wednesday, May 30, 2012

CD Review: Curumin's 'Arrocha'

Six Degrees Records

Brazilian-born, Curumin, contains a good sense of rhythm and urban grooves steeped in Brazilian colors of warmth and brilliance. The gritty grooves contain a slew of addictive electronic embellishments and catchy melodies that do not stray too far from his Brazilian roots. The thirteen tracks are a snapshot of Brazil's electronically-inclined music industry. The seductive grooves and danceable songs are equally-textured with style, grace, and fluidity that ebbs-and-flows between cool and really cool. At any rate, the contemporary compositions are more authentic and natural than other similarly-compared groups. The absence of much electronica on "Passarinho," showcases a lighter, acoustic side of Curumin with a more pop-focused result. Arrocha, which means, 'to hold on with a lot of pressure,' is perfectly-named, as Curumin does not wither from the pressure of creating amazing music. Brazilian music fans will love Curumin and the rest of the world should be on-board by this evening! ~ Matthew Forss

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