Wednesday, May 30, 2012

CD Review: Nickodemus' 'Moon People'

Moon People
ESL Music

Brooklyn-based DJ/producer, Nickodemus combines global sounds with the latest in club compositions founded upon a heady foundation of urban grooves and dubtronica. His twelve compositions bridge seemingly disparate worlds of American, Arabic, and Latin music within a modern context with ethereal vocals. The funky, pulsations of "Moon People," feature The Real Live Show with Arabic connotations and urban grooves. The urban grooves and down-tempo delights are enough to surprise the electronic music fan, as well as the fusion fan, too. Nickodemus features the talents of Afrika Bambaataa, Kathrin deBoer, The Candela Allstars, Sammy Ayala, and Kissey Asplund. The soulful vocals, punchy percussion, and Afro-Caribbean/Latin foundations are first and foremost an aural delicacy for the ears. This is good enough for moon people as it is for Earth people. ~ Matthew Forss

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