Thursday, May 3, 2012

CD Review: Dala's 'Best Day'

Best Day
Campus Music

The Canadian vocal duo, Dala, is not your average group, because they know how to find harmonies and melodies that always seems to captivate listeners everywhere. Their previous release, Everyone Is Someone, contains a more pop-folk-centric prodution, while Best Day capitalizes on that newfound success without incorporating the same pop-folk melodies. In fact, Best Day is more stripped down compared to earlier albums. For example, the repertoire consists mostly of alternative folk or pop elements with light guitar, piano, and lesser contributions from trumpet, banjo, bass, keyboards, drums, strings, and mandolin. At any rate, Dala's vocals are crystalline and infectious as much as any other previous album. The last track, "Too Many Kittens," is a playful composition with several outtakes that make it interesting to say the very least. Dala's Best Day is here for your listening pleasure. ~ Matthew Forss 

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