Thursday, May 24, 2012

CD Review: Trio Garufa's 'El Rumor De Tus Tangos'

Trio Garufa
El Rumor De Tus Tangos
Garufa Records

The US-based tango troupe, Trio Garufa, explores the historical lineage of the tango as a musical form in Argentina. The Trio--with members from Argentina, Switzerland, and California--combine violin, viola, bandoneon, upright bass, cello, and flute for instrumental delicacies. The compositions are steeped in history and variety according to the types of tangos presented. The repertoire covers styles from the early-mid 1900s, modern tangos, folkloric music, original compositions, and electro-tangos. Not only tango is represented here, but milonga, electro milonga, nuevo tango, vals, chacarera, guarania, gato, and tango criollo styles and/or time signatures are also present. The instrumental melodies are moving, sensual, and enjoyable. Fans of Argentinian music, bandoneon, tango, and South American folk music will the love the instrumental sensibilities of the only US-based tango ensemble to have performed in the tango dance clubs of Buenos Aires. ~ Matthew Forss

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