Friday, March 29, 2013

CD Review: Chicha Libre's 'Cuatro Tigres'

Chicha Libre
Cuatro Tigres
Barbes Records

Based in Brooklyn, Chicha Libre brings us sounds from various regions and cultures. The band's members come from Mexico, Venezuela, the USA, and France. The collective creates a form of Peruvian cumbia-beat, which is akin to Afro-beat. However, the primary difference revolves around more Latin, South American, and urban dance forms with psych-trance, rumba, and tropical rhythms. The spicy mix of funk, jazz, and urban folklore creates a fascinating listening experience with lively vocals, hip percussion, and electronic accompaniment. The psychedelic ramblings are very melodic and nostalgic. Despite the lack of music on the new album (only 4 tracks), the music that is available is unforgettable. Fans of contemporary cumbia will love the music of Chicha Libre. Cuatro Tigres is Colombian, Peruvian, Californian, and Amazonian, but most of all, it is music that is to be experienced by everyone. ~ Matthew Forss

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