Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CD Review: Matthew Heller's 'Invitation'

Matthew Heller

The Oregon-based, alt-folk singer/songwriter, Matthew Heller, creates a gritty and grungy world of music that is inspired by the things around him. The music of "Space Girl" creates a mix of Americana and Nirvana with ample room for improvisation. The radio-like voicings of "Shake It" are mainly based on alternative song stylings with some Western and country punk infusions. Think Owsley meets Jace Everett. "Mercy" begins with a light guitar opening and some percussion. The folk and country-inspired tune saunters along with grace and a full sound reminiscent of a more laidback Oasis. "Another Dose" begins with a punk-driven drum opener that picks up speed with an Oasis-like beat and radio-like vocals. "Drone Strike" begins with a squawky guitar sound and rock percussion that is more psych-punk than alt-folk. Invitation is an album that contains upbeat rock songs interspersed with a nice dose of folk or Americana elements for an enjoyable journey of one's soul. Think of Xavier Rudd, Nirvana, Oasis, and Jace Everett all rolled into one. Invitation is something that cannot be turned down--you have to turn it up! ~ Matthew Forss  

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