Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CD Review: Jamie Block's 'Whitecaps On The Hudson'

Jamie Block
Whitecaps On The Hudson

The anti-folk and alternative musical creations of New York's Jamie Block are anything but ordinary here. Jamie's voice is somewhere between Cake and Wilco. The poetic and historic vocal delivery of "Whitecaps On The Hudson" create an almost Native American-like folk beat indicative of John Trudell. However, the song is purely an invention of Jamie Block with an achingly beautiful instrumental display near the end of the song. "Kate" is a quiet little ditty with light percussion and scintillating acoustic guitar. The folksy stylings include some guitar drones that pierce the melody with poignant charm. "Show You Mine" opens with a rumbling guitar and percussion set and Jamie's vocals with a slight nostalgic presence--even if it is only the 1990's. "Sam Patch" is another poetic masterpiece with an almost spoken delivery throughout that includes a heady drum beat, squeaky and grungy guitars, and other industrial, steampunk noises. "Black Eyed Susan" opens with a sauntering, acoustic folk beat and carefree vocals that drift into a dreamy sequence of alt-folk brilliance. There are thirteen songs in all. Anyone with an interest in anti-folk, alternative folk, or even Americana will love Jamie Block's new release. Five stars all the way! ~ Matthew Forss    

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