Friday, March 29, 2013

CD Review: ArHai's 'Eastern Roads'

Eastern Roads
Balkanworlds Records

ArHai began with Jovana Backovic, a vocalist, keyboardist, and programmer from Serbia. Her bandmate, Adrian Lever, is a tambura player, guitarist, pianist, and double bass player on the album. The duo enlist the help of additional instrumentalists, including tabla, percussion, electric bass, and vocals. The music is folktronic with a good amount of world fusion ranging from South Asian to Scandinavian influences, but Middle Eastern and Mediterranean regions are not too distant either. The background vocals on some tracks are reminiscent of Enigma-type tracks. However, this is not a dance album. Still, there are some 'danceable' tracks that are very moving. If contemporary folk music is what you are after, then ArHai serves it up deliciously. ~ Matthew Forss

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