Friday, March 29, 2013

CD Review: Elements Of Life's 2-CD 'Eclipse'

Elements Of Life
Eclipse [2 CD]
Fania Records

Spearheaded by Louie Vega, Eclipse is a 2-CD set of songs that traverse the worlds of jazz, latin, R&B, gospel, soul, Afro-Latin, Caribbean, Afro-beat, and blues music. The second album contains remixes of classic Fania songs as an homage to the record label. There are a variety of guest artists on the first album, including Urusula Rucker, Nina Rodriguez, Josh Milan, Anane & Lisa Fischer, and Cindy Mizelle. There are electronic, trance, dance, jazz, and down-tempo grooves with classic sounds of from the 1960s or 70s. There is plenty of edgy percussion, guitar-work, and brass sounds. Fans of Brazilian, jazz, Afro-beat, and world fusion will love the sounds of Eclipse. For excellent poetry, smooth rhythms, and catchy hooks, Elements Of Life is where it's at. ~ Matthew Forss

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