Friday, March 29, 2013

CD Review: Dub Colossus' 'Dub Me Tender Vol 1 + 2'

Dub Colossus
Dub Me Tender Vol. 1 + 2
Real World

The heavy dub style of Nick "Dubulah" Page is evident throughout this new release. The reggae-tinged tracks, laid-back jazz, trance, and variegated funk music is nostalgic and contemporary at the same time. The album is divided up into two volumes, but the music is not very different. The amped-up beats, electronic additions, and jazzy undertones makes the new album shine beyond belief. Every song contains the word 'dub' in some form and function. The meditative dub forms are evident, as well as the more dance-friendly forms indicative of DJ performances on the dancefloor. There are Ethiopian-jazz elements with bluesy, funk sounds on some tracks. This is a good romp on the wild side of dub. ~ Matthew Forss

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