Friday, March 29, 2013

CD Review: Kaleidoscope Jukebox's 'Infinite Reflection'

Kaleidoscope Jukebox
Infinite Reflection
Rhythm & Culture

Multi-instrumentalist and Indiana-native, Clint Carty, showcases his musical talents on the intelligent, enthralling, and electronic release, Infinite Reflection. The music is upbeat with all the electronic nuances of trance, down-tempo, funk, and experimental dance music. There are ethnic influences, fusions, and melodies throughout. However, the power of electronica seems to keep it all together. There are hints of hip-hop, soul, jazz, and dance that are unmistakable. Spoken word vocals are the primary vocals with a little rap thrown in. The result is more informational; rather than for the joy of singing. At any rate, the fourteen tracks possess something stellar--an inherent ability to teach us something new with each note. The largely upbeat melodies and rhythms make Infinite Reflection a must-have for forward-thinking audiophiles. ~ Matthew Forss

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