Wednesday, March 13, 2013

CD Review: Steph Barrak's 'Words To Break Your Heart By'

Steph Barrak
Words To Break Your Heart By

Boston, MA-based singer and songwriter, Steph Barrak, creates spirited contemporary pop songs on this new eleven-track album, Words To Break Your Heart By. The gritty and warm guitar melodies of "Fossil Tears" contains heartfelt lyrics and folksy rhythms. "Married A Robber" provides a scintillating guitar melody with vocals indicative of Leigh Nash or early Shawn Colvin. "The Way You Make Me Smile" is a choppy tune with infectious pop hooks and smokey vocals accompanied by percussion and twangy rhythms. "Natural Progression" is an uppity tune with a steady guitar and percussion beat that is alternative from the onset to the end. "Painted Face" contains echoing guitars and an upbeat melody with highly-infectious vocals. "Connecticut" opens with another upbeat melody and soaring vocals that take a backseat on some lines, while the percussion takes over. Overall, fans of alternative pop and folk will love the music of Steph Barrak. Think Beth Orton meets Leigh Nash meets Shawn Colvin meets Suzanne Vega. ~ Matthew Forss

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