Friday, March 29, 2013

CD Review: Various Artists' 'Turntables On Las Ramblas'

Various Artists
Turntables On Las Ramblas
Wonderwheel Recordings

If there ever was such a Latin funk, Spanish dub, and Balkan party album, Turntables On Las Ramblas would be it. There are funky, brass, electronica, and Spanish-infused concoctions that incorporate a variety of contemporary, urban melodies and rhythms. There are hip-hop elements, global grooves, house music, and party tunes with male and female vocals. Some of the musicians included on the compilation are Los Chicos Altos, Novalima, Nickodemus, Sid Vaga, Wagner Po, Flowering Inferno, Mariella, and others. There are gritty loops, samples, and heavy beats with multi-ethnic infusions that stew and boil-over with memorable results. The thirteen tracks represent a good cross-section of brash brass, urban rhythms, and gypsy/Latin tunes. If you are seeking a multi-national party soundtrack, then Turntables On Las Ramblas would be it. ~ Matthew Forss

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