Thursday, September 30, 2010

CD Review: Ghana's Adjiri Odametey


A talented vocalist and percussionist, Adjiri Odametey's Ghanaian origins shine through on his latest release, Etoo. A master of the guitar, flute, cora, balafon, and mbira, Adjiri also sings in his local Ghanaian language, most likely Akan. In addition, Adjiri is joined by flute, bass, and ashiwa. Anyone familiar with the music of West Africa would recognize the striking vocal similarities between Adjiri and Daby Toure (Mauritania), Bidinte (Guinea-Bissau), or Vieux Diop (Senegal). The songs are not hard-hitting or overly flashy in their production or performance. Adjiri's strong suits are delicately played percussion, beautiful harmonies, and a clear, artistic vision. The rather relaxed musical compositions are never boring or repetitive in nature. Etoo is filled with a very appealing, organic musical element that should not be missed. Etoo is a blend of Afro-pop and folk music. Liner notes include English and Akan song translations. ~ Matthew Forss

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