Saturday, April 26, 2014

CD Review: Carry Illinois' "Siren"

Carry Illinois

The smoky vocals of band leader, singer/songwriter, and guitarist, Lizzy Lehman, forms a folksy and cohesive mix of tunes  on her debut EP, Siren. The Texas-based band is comprised of Nick Droz on bass, Rudy Villarreal on drums, and Darwin Smith on guitar. The indie-folk vein is a clear one with radio-like vocals on "Nothing To Despise" and the jaunty "Weakest Limb" showcases a little folk angst with contemplative Oasis-like arrangements. The music is embellished with keyboards, banjo, cello, and additional programming. "Siren" begins with an atmospheric arrangement that quickly gives way to an avant-garde folk melody with static-like vocals and methodic melody. "Jackson Square" showcases the banjo and Lizzy's heartfelt vocals. The sauntering melody and folksy rhythm contains a slight blues edge with hints of hope and love throughout. As a whole, the instrumentation is tight and memorable. The vocals are diverse and the lyrics are intelligent. This is inventive folk music with a message. It's simply very, very good. ~ Matthew Forss

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