Thursday, April 3, 2014

CD Review: Steve Kroon's 'On The #1'

Steve Kroon
On The #1
Kroonatune Records

Queens and Harlem-based music connoisseur, Steve Kroon, has been wowing crowds for a few decades and continues to do so on his latest and fifth recording, On The #1. The new nine-track release contains instrumental tunes with Latin and jazz percussion-themed compositions arranged by Oscar Hernandez, Igor Atalita, James Shipp, Donald Vega, Bryan Carrott, and Marty Sheller. The music is steeped in jazzy horns, congos, flutes, vibraphones, piano, and other assorted instruments. The melodies and rhythms are laid-back, danceable, and relaxing--all at the same time. Steve's inherent knowledge and performance of the music is unmatched in today's Latin jazz scene. Years of music-making and performing shine through on Steve's latest release. It is called On The #1 for a reason--since I cannot think of any other number it deserves. ~ Matthew Forss

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