Wednesday, February 3, 2016

CD Review: Idan Raichel's 'At The Edge Of The Beginning'

Idan Raichel
At The Edge Of The Beginning

Israel's Idan Raichel has the rare ability to create meaningful and beautiful melodies that transcend not only borders, but time, as well. This is especially relevant on his latest release, At The Edge Of The Beginning. The album opens with a sweeping piano medley with mixed instrumentation in a great arrangement worthy of repeated listens. The rest of the tracks contain vocal tracks with an array of instrumentation, including kamanche, trumpet, bass, guitars, baglama, sax, tuba, accordion, piano, and various programming. Special guest and sintir player, Hassan Hakmoun, lends his talents on "Be'Chamesh Shniyot." Idan's "Delet Mistovevet" is one of the best tracks on this album. All things considered, Idan creates a moving, contemporary, and authentic mix of ear-candy that contains a plethora of melodies and moments that should not go unnoticed. The title touts Idan may be at the beginning of something really great. Actually, he has been great since he started and he will not let you down here. ~ Matthew Forss

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