Sunday, August 16, 2009

CD Review: Denmark's Helene Blum

Helene Blum
En Gang Og Altid (Once and Forever)
Pile House Records

En Gang Og Altid was released in 2008. Denmark's Helene Blum offers a poignant album of vocal songs and folksy guitar playing. There is a mix of traditional Danish tunes and original compositions. The instrumental repertoire contains guitar, mandolin, whistle, fiddle, bass, duduk, dobro, and others. The incredible songwriting abilities and voice of Helene can cut through any darkened moods or sadness. In effect, her voice has the ability to summon Heavenly spirits of harmonious goodness. In a universe all her own, she is relatively comparable to Ireland's Heidi Talbot, Scotland's Karine Polwart, and Canada's April Verch. All in all, you should discover Helene Blum today--your ears will thank you! Liner notes include lyrics in Danish only. ~ Matthew Forss

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