Sunday, August 23, 2009

CD Review: Eden Mi Qedem - Music from the Garden of Eden

Eden Mi Qedem
Eden Mi Qedem (Eden From The East)
Samuel Nelson

Jerusalem-based Eden Mi Qedem fuses contemporary Arab music with Jewish contributions. The band's name comes from the Biblical book of Genesis, which is inspired by the creation of Mankind and perfection of the Garden of Eden. As expected, the band draws heavily upon the rhythms and instrumentation of the Middle East. You will hear the violin, qanun, ney flute, tanbur, keyboards, and guitars create a modern and energetic musical tone. The historical roots and inspiration of Eden Mi Qedem explores Biblical poetry through original songs and Biblical Psalms. There are some great instrumental interludes and jamming sessions that flow in and out between modern and traditional music modes. In order to understand the music as something more than contemporary Arabic music, you might want to check out a similar group from Israel: The Idan Raichel Project. All in all, Eden Mi Qedem utilizes some danceable rhythms, groovy tunes, and a touch of Mesopotamian style. Listen to the Garden of Eden through the music of Eden Mi Qedem; it's that perfect! The liner notes contain song titles and information in English, Arabic and Hebrew. ~ Matthew Forss

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