Sunday, August 16, 2009

CD Review: Ersatzmusika...Songs Memorable

Songs Unrecantable

The slightly psychedelic, avant-garde, post-Soviet roots music of Ersatzmusika is more uncategorizable than unrecantable. The rather languid English vocals possess a slightly Russio-Germanic undertone, as the band members are Russian-born, but sought refuge in Germany. Some of the songs are energetic, while others are more subdued with hints of Gypsy, folk, and pop leanings. Yet, the entire album contains a darker musical tone that amazingly does not disengage listeners, but make them lean in. The instruments used are fairly usual, including guitar, drums, bass, cello, synthesizer and harmonica. Of course, it's a matter of how they are used in order to understand how the music of Ersatzmusika came to be. The slower, instrumental moments remind one of a downbeat or trip hop band like Zero 7 or Air. Despite unsuccessful categorization, Songs Unrecantable is still one of my favorite albums of none.~ Matthew Forss

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