Sunday, August 16, 2009

CD Review: Tuva's National Orchestra

Tuvan National Orchestra
Independent Release

The Tuvan National Orchestra was formed in 2003. It comprises members of other throat-singing ensembles, including Chirgilchin, Alash, and Tyva Kyzy. The orchestra is now led by director and conductor Ayana Mongush who includes nine compositions released in a limited CD pressing. The contents of songs range from mythical legends to the environment, instruments, and personal longing. Additionally, the Tuvan national anthem is included in the opening track, 'Tooruktug Dolgai Tangdym'. On the whole, orchestral music tends to reflect classical leanings, but the Tuvan National Orchestra melds history with the present to produce very enlightening and contemplative works that are anything but boring. This is a perfect album for anyone interested in throat-singing or traditional music of Central Asia. ~ Matthew Forss
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