Sunday, August 9, 2009

Digging The Skydiggers

The Skydiggers
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If you have never heard of The Skydiggers, it likely isn't your fault. Let this be your introduction to the Toronto-based band that presents a blend of folk, country, and rock.

The Skydiggers is one of those bands that has fallen through the cracks time and time again. Deserving far more acclaim than it has received, The Skydiggers has been the repeated victim of record labels going under and as a result, has never been promoted to the extent it should be.

Known for melodic, harmonious songs like "I Will Give You Everything," "A Penny More," and "Slow Burning Fire," The Skydiggers are celebrating 20 years as band. Members have come and gone (most notably co-singer/songwriter Andrew Cash - Peter's brother) but the core trio of the lively and eccentric Andy Maize on lead vocals, Josh Finlayson on guitar, and Ron Macey on bass has endured.

The Skydiggers recently released a retrospective entitled The Truth About Us which features remastered versions of most of the band's best-known songs. The band still tours actively as well, and was in Edmonton for the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, playing a concert on August 8. The hour-long set saw fans old and new alike swaying and singing along.

As someone who owns the band's first album on cassette, I could not help but feel nostalgic when the host announced that The Skydigger's was celebrating 20 years this year. And despite the blazing heat of the summer afternoon, I broke out in goosebumps when they performed "I Will Give You Everything." Andy Maize was in fine form with his frenzied body movements and facial expressions, making witty quips in between songs.

The Skydiggers continue to be one of the hardest-working bands in the Canadian music scene. Hopefully, it won't take another 20 years for The Skydiggers to gets its due. ~ Paula E. Kirman

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