Sunday, August 9, 2009

Great Lake Swimmers

Great Lake Swimmers
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As I was heading to the concession area at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival this past window, one of my friends waved me down and told me that I simply had to check out this incredible band called Great Lake Swimmers. I heard similar raves from others, so headed back to Gallagher Park early Sunday afternoon to hear the band's hour-long set.

Although this was the first time I had heard of Great Lake Swimmers, judging from the enthusiastic and plentiful crowd the band already has an established following. Indeed, the band already has four albums under its belt, the latest being Lost Channels which was released this past March.

What catches me most about Great Lake Swimmers is the atmosphere of the music. Rootsy with an upbeat tempo and just a hint of twang at times, Tony Dekker's understated vocals set the tone for his songs that are hauntingly beautiful. The songs have a dreamy feel to them without becoming repetitive.

I have no doubt that Great Lake Swimmers gained some new fans during their Folk Fest performance -I can personally attest to that! ~ Paula E. Kirman

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