Monday, August 10, 2009

Hanggai: "Newgrass" From China

What do you get when you mix roots music with traditional throat singing performed by a bunch of musicians presenting the sounds of the Mongolian population in China? You get Hanggai - a musical treat for the ears.

Dressed in traditional Mongolian garb, the members of Hanggai took to the stage at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival this past weekend for a workshop entitled "Newgrass." Along with The SteelDrivers, Hanggai performed some incredibly energetic music combining electric guitar work with traditional Asian instruments. One piece in particular, which kept getting faster and faster with every verse, had the audience clapping and dancing.

Mixing throat singing with rock sounds is a very unique musical combination. The band is based in Beijing and is starting to get the international recognition it deserves. ~ Paula E. Kirman

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